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About Me (Want the longer version?)

I am a designer currently based in Vancouver, having arrived here via Bosnia, Croatia, the Canadian east coast, and Scotland. I love designing intuitive experiences and services for digital and print. Currently, I'm the UI/UX designer at Customer.io, helping businesses talk like people, and working as an editorial assistant on Offscreen Magazine. The rest of my time is spent rock climbing, running, cooking (my current obsession is sous-vide), and analytics in sports. Read more ยป

Most recently, I wrote about Customer.io and the Super Awesome Store: Push-ing the limits of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Get in Touch

I'm not available for contract work right now, but I always want to hear about awesome new projects and initiatives. I'm currently most interested in data visualization and service design, as well as the impact of design and culture on identity and self-perception.

I can most easily be reached via tweet and e-mail.