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I was born in Sarajevo, back when it was still part of Yugoslavia. I was taught English by a talking jack russell terrier, and now have one of my own. I moved to Canada at seven, and have lived in St. John, Halifax, London (ON), Toronto, and now Vancouver. I've been to Everest Base Camp, and lived in Scotland for five years, where I gained an appreciation for good coffee, brutal honesty, and the local sports teams snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I've brewed my own beer, and previously made a living as a rock climbing instructor, barista (hasn't everyone), and video game tester before realising that design was where my heart was.

I love to write. I love to think critically about design, culture, technology, and how they impact identity. I love to read about sports and statistics, and am increasingly gravitating towards the exciting minefield that is data visualisation and storytelling. My favourite things in life, though, are my wife, my dog, and a good meal shared with them.


I've been making websites since iframes and tables were cool. I learned to code on Neopets and Geocities in the early 2000s, and the first problem I solved was the difference between a local and public URL. I used 3D Studio Max to randomly generate graphics for my website headers, and thought they were spectacular. I have a degree in psychology and helped do research in neuroscience— specifically motor movements, error processing, and the error related negativity (ERN). I built an infrared-sensor using a Nintendo wii remote and some LEDs to measure brain waves. Eventually, though, (it took a long time) I realised that I could apply my psychology knowledge and problem-solving skills to build the web that I'd been a part of since my early teens.

These days I ply my trade as a UX designer at Customer.io. I write, I occasionally draw letters, and am hoping to get more and more involved with the local tech community.

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