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don’t call them resolutions: a year-in-optimistic-review

I’ve had the past week off, and have been pondering writing a ‘year-in-review’ thing for even longer than that. There’s only so many such posts you can see and be jealous of via Medium/Twitter/[insert social media] before you start to feel like you’re missing something. But I didn’t know how to quantify what I’d done, […]

September 13, 2015 #,  #,  #,  #

XOXO: no way back, but every way forward

I was in a car accident on my way to the conference, but I learned that it shouldn’t define me as a person. It shouldn’t define my capabilities. It shouldn’t define my weekend or my relationship with my family. I learned this while at a technology conference, and want to reassemble the story now, before it loses its rawness.