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Below you'll find a selection of design work. I'm hoping to showcase a variety of projects, from web to UI to print design. A few are personal projects that I feel are good showcases for my style, approach, and interests. Each project links to a more detailed case study page.

Thinking With Type Exercises


After re-reading Ellen Lupton's brilliant Thinking with Type, I decided to go back to basics, and complete the type exercises set out in the book. I want to reinforce my typographic understanding, both in web and print, and here you'll find the result of the first exercise: Space and Meaning.

Design Survey Visualization

Data Visualisation

A data visualisation done after coming across a data set on international design job salaries. I had wanted to get to grips with Highcharts, and using it to create interactive data sets. The goal was to take raw data and be easily able to compare different 'designer' job titles across countries and states, to see which were the least (and most) lucrative.


Web Design, Front-end Development

After working with Knowillage on their user interface, I was asked to do a mockup for a new website that would reflect their new ethos and product direction to a varied audience. Minimalism and simplicity were key with such a complex product, and I worked closely with Knowillage to establish a professional, yet personable style that they could take forward.

Jen & Soph

Print Design + Typography

A save-the-date card, with a classic-but-vintage vintage feel, without being over the top. A typographic focus was important— the information had to be clear and easy-to-read, after all— but the couple also wanted the card to speak to the venue and the overall theme of their wedding.

Lenwoloppali Differential Equation Scanner

Mobile User Interface Design

This is my attempt at a design of the Lenwoloppali Differential Equation Scanner, as seen on an early episode of The Big Bang Theory. On the show, Leonard drew a rudimentary UI solution, but this is my take on it, after thinking through what the characters on the show might have wanted to accomplish.

Stipso Web

Web Design, Front-end Development

Stipso's website, with design and front-end development done by me, in conjunction with the marketing department. From a front-end development perspective, the site makes use of the Barley CMS, and the Zurb Foundation framework. The design has been featured on Barley's website.