Facets: Issue 00

The Diversity Racket

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
"People think I am here to be a resource for their social justice pedagogy needs.

I am not."

The article that inspired this newsletter! A thoughtful piece on what it means to be a role model without having much choice in the matter and how "diversity" impacts one's identity and perceived ability. A great read.

Diversity for Sale

Anonymous Author
"Many tech companies take parallel steps towards addressing diversity by targeting low hanging fruit. Few are acknowledging, let alone trying to address, the complex, systemic issues at the heart of the problem."

A look at the financial side of diversity-in-tech initiatives, the commoditization of diversity, and how companies shouldn't just be hitting the low-hanging fruit (or relying upon their employees to publicise their initiatives) in order to turn a profit.

You May Have Seen My Face on BART

Isis Anchalee
"This is literally just ME, an example of ONE engineer at OneLogin. The ad is supposed to be authentic. My words, my face, and as far as I am concerned it is."

The article (and the ad) that started the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag. Iris Anchalee describes her surprise at the reaction her original ad received, the unwanted attention it created, and how she's channeling that attention.

Speaker Jam

Katie K
We'll help you speak at confs. Brainstorm about ideas, review proposals, and ask questions with real live speakers, both in person and using the power of the internet.

A brilliant new resource for those hoping to speak at conferences or events, but who aren't quite sure where to start. Also open to contributions, so get your pull request on!

Beyond the Code

An exciting new conference being held on September 21st, 2015. Tech talks, workshops, and breaking down barriers.

A great-looking event meant to bring together anyone at all interested in diversifying tech. Some brilliant speakers and great talks await you in Ottawa in September!