Facets: Issue 45

November 4, 2017

Tech’s Troubling New Trend

Bärí A. Williams
"If our focus shifts to cognitive diversity, it could provide an easy way around doing the hard work of increasing the embarrassingly low numbers of blacks and Latinos in [the industry]"

A single group of white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room are diverse, too: this was the sentiment expressed by Denise Young of Apple, and the danger of which Williams points out here. The phrase “cognitive diversity” is a way of re-framing a pervasive problem so that we appear to have solved it— avoiding real work and progress as a result.

Authenticity at Work is a Privilege

Roseanne Malfucci
"it’s hard to walk the line of ‘being yourself’ when your reality might conflict with the prevailing culture of your company or client."

Bringing "your whole self" to work is very easy, when that self exists within the cultural and social norms of others. But what if it doesn’t? Simple questions like “what did you do this weekend?” become incredibly complicated, and we engage in damaging ‘covering’ behaviour, downplaying our differences in order to not stand out and ensure safety.

“Inclusion” is not for outsiders

Naithan Jones
"When you picture the typical person working in venture capital, you don’t picture a black kid from England who ended up being raised in Kansas City of all places."

Starting in Braintree, England and making his mark on Silicon Valley hasn’t been an easy journey for Jones. By telling that story here, he illustrates an oft-forgotten facet of in inclusion efforts: socioeconomic mobility. For those truly on the outside looking in— not just into tech but the very paths that lead to it— inclusion efforts aren’t doing enough.

It’s the Little Things: Battling Unconscious Bias in Recruiting Through Surprisingly Small Features

Kelly Hale
"So what if we could remove some of the demographic data, while still giving you a well rounded view of the candidate?"

Entelo’s resourcing platform to search candidates, they can now anonymize profiles by turning their names into initials, and removing photos. Engineer Kelly Hale describes the design process and React-based code behind the search feature. The feature took 30 minutes to create.

The Unfortunately Truthful Résumé of a Young Female Professional

Brittany Webb
Skills: Dedicated. Persistent. Types 75 WPM. Angry. Team player. Proficient in three languages. Shrill.

This resume elicits a laugh, but you'll abruptly stop when you realise just how on-the-nose it is.

Barriers to Entry

Read this Twitter thread from Keziyah Lewis on the barriers facing underrepresented minorities when trying to start a career in an industry which lauds itself for its openness.

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