Facets: Issue 47

December 5, 2017

Why We Need to Talk About Class at Work

Marah Lidey
I sometimes feel like I don’t belong in the world I’ve built for myself, especially when I consider it in contrast with my own beginnings.

The journeys of the underrepresented into this industry are often fraught with uncertainty, risk, and luck. Here, Lidey tries to reconcile her own beginnings with her current world, one which has always shouted "you don't belong here!" The feeling's a familiar one for many underrepresented folks, and Lidey's story makes a powerful and compelling point: role models should not be a privilege.

Why people can't wait to quit your company

Nicole Sanchez
Listen to what they say. Respect their needs… The more you treat your team like allies, the better allies they’re able to be.

Here's a list you don't see every day: a list of reasons why the most talented people in your company are most likely looking for other jobs. Among them are shortcomings in HR, alignment, respect, along with an inability to recognise true contribution behind the scenes. But there's an upside: diagnosing these problems is already a step towards fixing them.

When Are You Going Back? (Or: Maternity Leave is Complicated.)

Mollie Chen
I can’t avoid the existential crises: Am I still myself? Is it ok to feel fulfilled — even in the short term — without a job? And what kind of working mom do I want to be?

The arrival of a baby is a massive life adjustment, not just for the family but for every individual within it? "Am I still myself?" Chen asks, after the birth of her child. After experiencing this change in self-perception after the birth of her child, Chen grapples with what it means to move forward in life and career armed with an entirely new outlook on the world, with the capacity, opportunity, and privilege to change.

This is hackathon harassment

Kimberly K.
The choice of “will I be safe at this tech event?” is not something anyone should have to consider.

Set some time aside to read and process Kimberly K.'s detailed account harassment suffered at the hands of a project partner. As the abuser turns himself into the victim and nobody steps into help, the impact of the event reverberates beyond the event and spills into every aspect of personal and professional life. Remember, too, that the focal point of this story doesn't have to be a hackathon; this could be at a bootcamp, a conference, or any given work environment in tech today.


Twitter - Melinda Byerley

Read Melinda Byerley's Twitter story on her time at Paypal, harassed by two men who never laid a hand on her, but still impacted her mental health and destroyed her career in one fell swoop.

Watch What is Community Engineering?, Kim Crayton's wonderful Nodevember keynote on "the intentional and skilful effort of creating environments which support the sharing of common attitudes, interests, and goals."

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