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Side Projects


This is Kai Brach's baby; however, I've been privileged enough to act as his editorial assistant for issue 12 onwards. Editing and being a part of creating a print magazine has challenged me in so many ways, and helped to create a balance in my life. Creating and building for the web can sometimes feel intangible, and creating something for print has taught me to slow down and consider decisions from all angles.


Facets is a bi-monthly newsletter that I started in August of 2015, in order to showcase excellent writing by minorities in tech and engineering that deserves wider attention or discussion.


An interview series on how awesome women in tech got their start— their 'eureka' moments and their paths, in all their offbeat glory!

Whiskey Web Conference

I helped to organise the second iteration of the Whiskey Web conference, in April of 2013. I helped out with the website, logo design, as well as schedule printing and general organisation on the day. I learned about the ins, outs, and terrifying moments of organising a conference. The event took place at Airth Castle in Stirling, and speakers included Ian Barber and Ade Oshineye of Google, as well as Linda Sandvik and an outdoor keynote by organise Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas.