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don’t call them resolutions: a year-in-optimistic-review

I’ve had the past week off, and have been pondering writing a ‘year-in-review’ thing for even longer than that. There’s only so many such posts you can see and be jealous of via Medium/Twitter/[insert social media] before you start to feel like you’re missing something. But I didn’t know how to quantify what I’d done, […]

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Print endures, and challenges the act of sharing.

Making tangible things: it seems to be a common desire for those working in the web industry. How we define “tangible” is different from person to person, but quite often it manifests in lettering or woodworking, or doing something which involves us stepping away from the laptops and the vectors and into a world where a mistake can’t be undone by rolling back a commit or deleting a few lines of code.