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As an interaction designer, it's incredibly important for me to know how my design ideas will be developed and created. It allows me to flex my creative muscles whilst being able to collaborate well with a team; for that reason, I endeavour to always improve my front-end development skills. The manifestation of those attempts is here.

Design Survey Visualization

Data Visualisation

A data visualisation done after coming across a data set on international design job salaries. I had wanted to get to grips with Highcharts, and using it to create interactive data sets. The goal was to take raw data and be easily able to compare different 'designer' job titles across countries and states, to see which were the least (and most) lucrative.

Memory Game

Javascript Practice

One of my favourite pastimes as a child, I decided to recreate the as a simple jQuery demonstrator, just to refresh my skills and show how I write code. I hope to add a few more animation refinements to it in the future. All of the pictures belong to me, and the subject is my jack russell terrier, Huck.